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Gear Hold
2012-2021 Pajero Power Drop
RPM Cut Off

Pajero ECU Tuning Packages


Pajero Gear Hold Programming - 2008 to 2011

Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 to 2011 models does not hold the gear when the transmission is placed in Manual Sport Mode (Tiptronic). Hence when switched to Manual Mode the Gear Box of the Pajero does not hold the selected gear and auto shifts up to the next gear. This results in power loss when off roading and climbing steep slopes. At we have found a solution to solve the Mitsubishi Pajero gear hold auto shift issue by programming your Pajero TCU to hold the selected gear in manual mode across all gears


Remove Pajero Power Drop at 6000 RPM 

2012 to 2021

2012 to 2021 models hold the gear in manual mode however the RPM is limited to 6,000 and when the limit is reached the power of the car dies down to 5,500. This results in sudden power loss when off roading and climbing steep slopes. At we developed a solution to solve the Mitsubishi Pajero RPM problem. We eliminate the power loss by programming your Pajero TCU to raise RPM to 6500 and maintain constant power at the RPM Limit with no power loss


Fast Rev Limiter RPM Cut Off Programming

We are programming the Pajero to Cut Off at maximum RPM. This is what's known as REV bounce on or racing style RPM cut off. It sounds great and at the same time  is helpful to keep the car moving when climbing on a high dune. At we developed a solution to add a fast racing style RPM Cut off at the Rev Limiter.


Increased Throttle Response

This accelerator pedal on the Mitsubishi Pajero tends to have a lag and is slow to respond. This modification does not add power to your car however it unleashes instant feed from the gas accelerator pedal which is helpful when quick reaction is needed during off road driving. It re-create the instant throttle response of old-school mechanically operated vehicles. At we have found a solution to solve the Mitsubishi Pajero lazy accelerator pedal throttle  response by programming your Pajero accelerator to respond quicker. 


Exhaust Pops & Crackles

This is a gargling backfire exhaust sound some cars make decelerating, which can really only be described as “Pops & Crackles.” This is not backfire, however it is the popping sound when the accelerator pedal is suddenly released similar to sports cars. This modification does not add power to your car and does not shoot flames from the exhaust, its only crackling and burbling sound while the engine slows down. To do this modification you should not have a catalytic convertor in your car. At we program your Mitsubishi Pajero to generate moderate levels of Pops & Crackles to keep the engine within safe limits. 


MIVEC & Intake Off Road Package Calibration

The Petrol 3.8 Generation 4 Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 to 2021 is equipped with MIVEC and Variable intake system designed to switch between fuel economy and power modes. The Mitsubishi Pajero MIVEC and Intake systems are programmed to switch to a fuel economy mode when the RPM drops roughly below 3,900. For Example when driving offroad and climbing a large sand dune at quick speed, the power loss is felt at the top of the sand dune when the RPM drops below 3,900 and your Pajero suddenly shifts into economy mode resulting in sudden power loss. At we optimise the opening and closing of the MIVEC and Variable Air Intake system of the Mitsubishi Pajero for off road driving by programming both systems for off road driving.


Gear Display in Drive "D"

This is reprogramming the Pajero to display the gear the car is in when in Automatic mode in the Drive "D" position. This is useful to understand how the transmission is shifting at all times.

Pajero Throttle Sensitvity
Pajero Pops & Crackles
Pajero MIVEC Intake Tuning Caibration
Gear Disply in Drive
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