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Frequently Asked Questions


Which year models of the Mitsubishi Pajero are you Programming / tuning?

We are only ECU programming / tuning 4th Generation (Gen 4) Mitsubishi Pajero Petrol engines: 3.0, 3.5, 3.8. In some countries the Gen 4 Pajero is known as Montero MK4


How long does the programming take?

It takes roughly 1 hour to complete from start to finish


Where are you based and do you have a shop?

I am a freelance Pajero Tuner / Programming Enthusiast based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We can meet in person, have a coffee, fun chat about offroad and work on your Pajero Programming.


Do you need my car physically or can the programming On the Mitsubishi Pajero be done remotely?

We will need to access your Pajero physically hence the programming will be done in person. We have a service to send you an original programmed Pajero replacement ECU and can be purchased from our reselling partner


Does the tuning require any hardware modification to the Mitsubishi Pajero?


There is no hardware modification to your Mitsubishi Pajero, this is all software based programming to the car ECU Computer


I have Unichip, will your tuning interfere with the unichip system?


Our tuning services are directly done to the car ECU and have no impact on Unichip


Do you provide Power tuning?


At the moment we are not providing power tuning. We are just solving common ECU problems and issues with the Pajero. In future we may provide Power Tuning


Can the car be returned back to stock after tuning?


Yes the car can be restored back to original manufacturer stock condition if required


Does the Pajero ECU Programming void the warranty of my car? 


Yes the tuning does void the warranty of your car if it is still under manufacturer warranty 


Can I send you my Mitsubishi Pajero ECU to Tune and program?


We have a service to send you an original Mitsubishi Pajero programmed replacement ECU and can be purchased from our reselling partner

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