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Supported Cars

Mitsubishi Pajero Generation 4 or what's known as Montero MK4

Model Years: 2008 to 2021

Petrol Engine: 3.8, 3.5, 3.0

Pajero Gen 4 Tuning.png

The Mitsubishi Pajero Gen 4 or what's known as Montero is a great offroad 4x4 however the manufacturer placed restrictions on the programming of the car that limits its off road capability. I am a Pajero Offroad Enthusiast since 2008 and have been working hard over the years to successfully unlock the Mitsubishi Pajero ECU to program it for better offroad performance. No one in the world has been able to break into the Mitsubishi Pajero computer and I am now offering full ECU and TCU tuning services for the Pajero / Montero.


Hence, I am not a tuning shop or garage. I am passionate about offroad and an ECU programming freelancer who understands the tuning needs for off road driving. I am the first and only one to solve the famous transmission auto upshift issue on the 2008 to 2011 Pajero and can now make the gear hold by adjusting the TCU settings.


Also for the newer Mitsubishi Pajero models after 2012, I can raise the RPM limit stop the annoying power drop when the RPM limit is reached by programming the ECU.


I have formalised the tuning and programming service offerings and placed them

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