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Mitsubishi Pajero Gen 4  ECU Tuning

Fixing Pajero Gear Hold Auto Up Shift Problem, Fast RPM Cut Off, Throttle Response & Much More by Flashing Factory ECU...


Pajero ECU Tuning

Direct Tuning to the Car ECU with no physical modification to the car. 


We are the first in the world to offer Mitsubishi Pajero ECU Tuning and Flashing. The manufacturer placed restrictions on the programming of Pajero that limits its off road capability. I am a Pajero Offroad Enthusiast since 2008 and have been working hard over the years to successfully unlock the Mitsubishi Pajero ECU to program it for better offroad performance. No one in the world has been able to break into the Mitsubishi Pajero computer and I am now offering full ECU and TCU tuning services.


Pajero Gear Hold 2008-11

Solving the Mitsubishi Pajero gear hold auto upshift issue by programming your Pajero TCU to hold the selected gear in manual mode. The Gear Auto shift problem affects Pajeros Year Models 2008 to 2011... Learn More

Increased Throttle Response


We have found a solution to solve the Mitsubishi Pajero lazy accelerator pedal throttle  response by programming your Pajero accelerator to respond quicker... Learn More

MIVEC & Intake Off Road Package Calibration
(For 3.8 Only)

Rev Limiter RPM Cut Off 

RPM Short.gif

We are programming the Pajero to Cut Off at maximum RPM. This is what's known as fast racing style RPM Cut off at the Rev Limiter limit... Learn More

Remove Power Drop at Max RPM 2012-21

20221212_095615 - Copy.jpg

We eliminate the sudden power loss when reaching max RPM by programming your Pajero TCU to maintain constant power at the RPM Limit. The power loss problem affects Pajeros Year Models 2012 to 2021.... Learn More

Exhaust Pops & Crackles

At we optimise the opening and closing of the MIVEC and Variable Air Intake system of the Mitsubishi Pajero for off road driving by programming both systems for off road driving... Learn More

At we program your Mitsubishi Pajero to generate moderate levels of Pops & Crackles to keep the engine within safe limits... Learn More

Customer Reviews

Conquering al Faya dune wiyth my pajero is an awesome feeling after the programming. I did alot of testing so far happy with the results of tuning

Rod, February 2023


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